The Origin of CF Superfood

Ive been on this journey of health and wellness since 2012. Not solely for my own personal benefits but to help guide others towards a happy, healthier lifestyle. A way of life that is easier and sustainable. A few years ago I decided to dive deeper into nutrition and came across the pescatarian diet ( where you only eat fish) and intermitted fasting  - A eating pattern that allows you to eat at designated time. Eating just fish paid some dividends but it just wasn’t enough, After about a year of the pescatarian lifestyle, I realized that my weight loss and muscle growth was not sustainable for me nor my members. Meaning, if we didn’t maintain a certain level of workout intensity, consistency and nutritional pattern, it’ll be counter productive.  

The Secret:  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables! 

Beefing up your nutrients with fruits and vegetables is the key to your health success. 

After working side by side with juicing Pro Dr Han. We came up with the perfect blends to get maximum results from the freshest ingredients…hence the birth of CF Superfoods. Now providing everyone with easy access to fresh and beneficial blends that empowers your body to function correctly : Gut health, weight management, muscle tone, inflammation, blood pressure and so much more. 

Transforming your life begins with The Champ Fast